Mt. Diablo activation W6/CC-045


First SOTA activation. 146.520 Fm 2m @ 5watts on HT: wouxun KG- UVD1P

Arrived at 1330, its a $10 entry fee and dogs are not allowed on most (if not all) unpaved trails. Parked at the 2ed parking lot below the summit and hiked up for about 15-20min or so on a relatively steep climb. At the top it was about 43 degrees with 17MPH winds and a clear blue sky. Cell phone reception spotty on sprint but mostly no reception.

Made 10 contacts everywhere from Palo Alto, to French Camp to Elk Grove. Most contacts made on 2m, one contact made on 70cm 446.000.

Learning points:

  • $10 entry fee and basically no dogs allowed
  • HT dies at 2hours of heavy use
  • Elevation matters and vastly improves without rubber duck




3 thoughts on “Mt. Diablo activation W6/CC-045

  1. Greetings from Steve, KK6ZLX. I was one of your contacts that day. I just happened to stumble upon you when as I was scanning 146.520. After our contact, I did some research on SOTA and eventually signed up. I hope to become and activator soon. 73!

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    1. Nice! Well welcome! Understanding the 4 mail websites is a somewhat learning curve but once you get passesd that its loads of fun. Make sure you post alerts and spot yourself if can, I have a SOTA app on my phone so it pings whoever someone activates nearby. Mt diablo was loads of fun, and one of my first places to activate. I’m pretty new to sota and Ham Radio but hit me up if you have any questions and maybe we can plan out a few summit2summits. KK6ZLY


      1. I have a SOTA app on my phone as well–“SOTA Goat.” Judging by our callsigns, I’m just as new as you are. I’m currently studying for my General, though. I’ll keep your offer in mind. Thanks!


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