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  1. Hi Edwin,
    Just wanted to confirm that you made it home safely from Sunol Wilderness, but I couldn’t find a way to reach you directly. A bunch of us chat on N6NFI and just wanted to make sure everything worked out OK.
    Cheers and Best 73s
    de Michael, AC6Y


      1. Oh yay!! Glad you’re OK. No, that wasn’t me – you talked to AI6NX that night, but I did overhear some of it on a portable. Others on N6NFI were talking about you later, too, and hoping it all had turned out well.

        I’m sure you’ll have an interesting story to tell! There’s a 9AM talknet every week day on N6NFI, and I’m sure a lot of folks would be interested to learn from your experience. But the really important thing is that you made it home safe. I’m so glad!

        Cheers, Michael AC6Y michaelokun@gmail.com


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