5/2- 5/5: Semi uneventful shifts. Out of 7 calls we would respond to 3 would be transports.  Most of them we would show up on scene to and only required some community education. Nothing crazy, just things like.. if your a diabetic you should check your blood sugar and you need to take your insulin, type stuff. Had a couple calls where we were flagged down to help. The first one was we were driving down 95th on our way to a code 2 call sitting in traffic, when 3 cars pulled over to the side and everyone started to get out of their cars. They saw us and started to waive us down. We pulled over and found a person laying supine in the street with only his feet on the curb with an injury to the back of the head and unresponsive. People around say they saw this person trip over and fall and they hit the back of their head. They ended up being fine and we still transported.

The other call was a little bit different. We had just cleared Summit in Oakland and we were on our way to restock my partner for another N95 when we passed by a homeless encampment and everyone flagging us down. So we pulled over and I had my partner call it in while i got out to see what was going on. The encampment residents were all pointing to a large green tent with the door facing away from the street saying someone had overdosed. There was quiet a bit of stuff to walk over in order to get to the door, I called out that I was a paramedic and to see if they were alright. This large large man inside the tent started to scream and shake the tent. I was in a pickle because my egress wasn’t exactly speedy due to all the stuff in the way just to get to the tent. I backed out and went back to my partner to call for PD. I was a bit caught off guard because they said the guy inside was an overdose and that he was unresponsive. The guy that was screaming inside came out of the tent and started to talk down the street. When I asked the other encampment residents if that was him, they said no. Its a white guy that was unresponsive and he is still inside. With the threat walked away i approached the tent again and found the guy with vomit all over his face and unresponsive. Another caretaker of the encampment followed me in to help. I asked if could cut the door of the tent because i need access to the street and we needed to get the guy out of the tent. They gave me a look as if they really didn’t want me to. I said ok well then your going to have to help me lift this dude out into the street so we can work on him. we grabbed an arm and a leg and pulled him out. He initially had rapid respirations and my partner had our stuff out so i was able to suction and bag for a little bit. They kinda started to come to. Then the whole world showed up. Fire, PD, an EMS supervisor and another ambulance crew showed up at once. They helped put the guy on our gurney and helped me in back. The guy was initially A+Ox2 and a little with it now but still breathing at 35/min. All other vitals were stable. The encampment residents then told us that they found him not breathing so they gave him 6 of 8mg IN Narcan. No wonder the guy threw up. As we started to transport the right side of his chest started to swell and look weird. I took lung sounds and on the swollen side i could hear mild wheezing and it was clear on the other side.

In other news, I think we had a code every day accept 1 and never got ROSC on any of them. Once of them was in a SNF and PD straight up refused

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