Slow drift

I feel myself secluding myself from everyone and everything. The past 4 days I’ve had raging anxiety that I can’t explain. I don’t usually if ever get anxious but it was a persistent feeling of panic (as if the world was ending) and paranoia. A good example of this is how I went to the […]

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New Years Update

Over the past 2 weeks several of those close to me have been sick. K****, J*****, T**** and one other all tested positive for COVID recently. A***** and my mother tested negative but both have a horrible cough that has lasted for weeks. Many co- workers have become ill as well. Im not sure I […]

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5/2- 5/5: Semi uneventful shifts. Out of 7 calls we would respond to 3 would be transports.  Most of them we would show up on scene to and only required some community education. Nothing crazy, just things like.. if your a diabetic you should check your blood sugar and you need to take your insulin, […]

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Confirmed COVID Day 1?

With the wife on quarantine with me, we have been cleaning all day long. This morning she had me all Kaiser and ask for my results. They gave me the usual run around I was expecting, but at least they replied. Around 3:30pm I checked as I have been periodically every day and I […]

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Possible COVID day ???

Its hard to write when im sick, but I do try. The last 3-4 days have been largely unchanged. No fever or body aches. But an insane amount of pain in my throat that makes it hard to eat anything. Im already on the full regiment of 4 ibuprofen sometimes with Dayquil, sometimes with Tylenol […]

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Possible COVID day 4

Last night I went to bed around 10 and woke up at 2:45am with my throat on fire. It was so insanely painful I took some Tylenol with Codeine that I had left over from a few months ago. I dont ever take these unless I absolutly have to. Usually Night time Theraflu knocks me […]

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Possible COIVD Day 3

I finally got tested this morning. There was no traffic going into San Francisco this morning around 7:30am. Which is usually prime time traffic. I got to CCSF around 8am. Walked in to see my friend Liv. I read her my patient ID, she handed me paperwork and I went onto the next station where […]

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