COVID Update, United States, California

It has been nearly 8 months since my last update. I have a tremendous amount of personal issues going on in my life that I likely won’t publish until later on down the line.

This is my personal experience during covid for the last eight months. In January /February covid started to taper off a little bit. During the summertime, the state started to open up. Based on the number of hospitalizations and Covid related deaths, as the numbers improved and more people we’re getting vaccinated the state starting to open up. I work as a paramedic in Alameda county, California on medic 344. I work 12 hour shifts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I would periodically teach at Chabot college as a proctor for the EMT course. For the past six months Covid numbers have been good, the state had opened up, and I had seen almost 0 Covid related calls. Over the past two months however, the numbers have increased drastically. Not just an Alameda County but even more so across the country. Although I am fully vaccinated we still put on our reusable and N95s for any call that might be Covid related. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as December/January. But it does happen. When someone calls 911 and they described Covid symptoms, usually shortness of breath accompanied by some other Covid symptomsShortness of breath related to COPD or CHF won’t usually fall under this. Shortness of breath related to COPD or CHF won’t usually fall under this. When there is enough evidence to suggest Covid, dispatch will let us know a used “enhanced universal precautions“ and we will let dispatch know that we copied the enhanced precautions.

I can remember running a call in an apartment for a person havin Shores of breath for two weeks. This person‘s daughter went to a party and noticed someone had a cough. When she came home she gave that cough to her family member and the whole house had Covid symptoms. The patient try to get their vaccine one week later After being diagnosed with Covid. This scenario is not too uncommon. We will often show up for a patient with a chief complaint of shortness of breath, and notice the whole house is sick with Covid. From my experience the symptoms from Covid are not as extreme as they were in December/ January. But the fact that we are seeing a significant rise in Covid cases, in a mostly Vaccine compliant state, at the tail end of summer makes for a grim future this fall/winter. I read on the news recently that hospitals in Alabama have run out of ICU beds. Also, apparently the US pulled out of Afghanistan in which the Taliban over took the country in four days.

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