Shifts 4/18- 4/21 Average 4 to 5 calls. Heard multiple codes dropping but we didn’t get any of them. I think it was Tuesday we were detailed to the Radission and Comfort inn. Comfort being COIVD hotel for homeless. We were tasked by the county MD to get a census update on how many people […]

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1:30pm- Im at the tail end of my 3 day tour this week. The first day we had a code on a 44yo dude who didn’t make it. Asystole pretty much the whole time. A few possible COVIDS that day. Yesterday was relatively uneventful. Accept yesterday we were dispatched code 2 for cardiac arrest because […]

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09:30am- Should have written his while ago, just now had the time to sit down and give an update. My last tour was pretty busy. 4-5 calls per shift. Not all of them critical. But at least 1 COVID patient per shift. Sometimes more. Gateway Nursing home in Hayward had an outbreak. I remember taking […]

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8:15am- Theres so much to cover over the past 2 days. Its been so busy I haven’t been able to sit down and type. Saturday was ok. Still busy. I think we ran 4 or 5 calls both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a little rough. I feel like my partner got coughed on one […]

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