1:30pm- Im at the tail end of my 3 day tour this week. The first day we had a code on a 44yo dude who didn’t make it. Asystole pretty much the whole time. A few possible COVIDS that day. Yesterday was relatively uneventful. Accept yesterday we were dispatched code 2 for cardiac arrest because they were expected to expire and had a DNR. Well the engine got on scene and gave no update. So we got diverted to a higher priority call for chest pain that ended up being an AMA anyway. As soon as we hit on scene the engine from the code comes up and asks where the ambulance is. Dispatched notified them they were code 2. So.. that happened. Still ran 5 calls but nothing high acuity. Today was different. Sat around for a little while. We posted at this parking lot kind of connected to lake chabot off of Estudillio. I got a book recently about edible plants. I was able to identify like 5 just on my short walk around in the parking lot. Then a code 3 breather popped. It was similar to my last shit call. Hx of Lung CA and no Hx of CHF and yet had fluid in the lungs. I mean completely full. Family said “he was throwing up pink foam.” At that moment i knew we had a problem. We let the son have a moment with his dad. It was sad, but I didn’t want to take this last moment away from him. We code 3 CPAP to the local hospital and it was a trip to see. Kaiser has all the equipment and yet no real system. We were met outside by 1 nurse all gowned and masked up pushing a hospital bed to our back door. I was told to take the CPAP off the patient for now and put on a NRB. The patient really wasn’t tolerating the CPAP anyway. He was in a panic and rightfully so. We transferred him and took him to a one of the COVID rooms. Meanwhile a nurse outside was typing and trying to stay in communication with the other nurse inside. Another doctor and nurse came and went into the annex to get ready. It took them awhile. It had to have been slow in that ER because before I knew it there were like 5 doctors and a ton of people outside the room. Still.. 1 RN inside trying to set the patient up. Still no one had given report. I stood there with my goggles, mask and gloves still on. I needed to decon myself but I hand given report yet. Another nurse and 2 doctor went into the annex to put on this alien spacesuit thing on their heads. He ended up getting RSI’ed and with a good Spo2 sat.  It just seemed so disorganized. I left to decon, went to the restroom outside in the porta- potty (since i had been holding it for 3 hours) and came back with my PCR.

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