8:15am- Theres so much to cover over the past 2 days. Its been so busy I haven’t been able to sit down and type. Saturday was ok. Still busy. I think we ran 4 or 5 calls both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a little rough. I feel like my partner got coughed on one way or another on every call. I really do try to do everything I can to keep my EMT’s safe. But when were on scene a lot of stuff is happening and theres a lot of moving parts. This samoan dude was walking out of his home for SOB, my partner lowered the gurney and was bringing it to him, as soon as the patient sat down he coughed in my partners face. It was kinda like that all day. I dont even have my partner in the back with me for any potential COVID calls. But I still need them on scene to help me out. We will load the gurney into the back and ill have my partner sit up front with the computer and type in demos while I do my thing in the back. I dont touch the computer for most of the call. So after the call it takes me fucking forever to complete my PCR. Oh, and we have to clear the hospital within 40min from transport arrive. Its a shit process but im getting used to it. Most people were just giving rides to the hospital. Ill have the air on blowing away and down from where I sit, in the jump seat. Most evasive measures ive stopped doing. I used to start a lot of IV’s or give fluids just to be nice for the nurses at the hospital. But since were in a pandemic all that has changed. They kinda get mad at me for it but im not doing anything wrong. Unless im giving a med or their pressure less than 90 systolic then i really dont need to start an IV. of if its a seizure call. Im just trying to keep my exposure and everyone else to a minimum. But at the same time am i just “passing the buck”? Who knows.

That was Saturday.. Sunday was a bit more stressful. A little more rough on the body. We ran 5. It was back to back for the most part. We did get a lunch, my partner had to really go pee. They stopped letting us use the restrooms in the hospitals and put out porapottys for us. So we drove around town for our entire lunch just looking for a restroom. We found a has station. We went inside and asked if we could use their restroom. This super old dude from behind the counter said “did you read the sign?” my partner said no. So the old guy said “well then go read it”. and It said “Out of Service”. We both knew it was BS. The guy said he was orderd by the state to shutdown his restrooms. Which is again bullshit. Where are we suppose to go?

Sunday Morning we went to go get donuts from a shop where my partners friend works. We went in and it was cash only. There were 7 people sitting inside that were all 6ft apart  just chillin and talking. Neither of us had cash so we tried to leave. Everyone inside wanted to pay for our donuts and we really didn’t want them to. we said that repeatedly. So one guys gets up and slams $5 on the table. So we got $5 worth of donuts and as soon as she had bagged it a call dropped. This would prolly be our most stressful call of the day. Ill most likely put it in audio form since its too much to type and a complete shit show.

Our other calls were pretty meh. We ran on a couple of frequent patients. Once cronically thinks she’s sick and the other couldn’t get her norcos at the pharmacy so she called 911 and said she wanted to be a self committal to john george. I feel like calls like this are happening more and more. I feel like when quarantine first happened a lot of people stopped using ambulances and the ER as an urgent care. Its been almost 2 weeks. I feel like as the weeks drag on, we will start to see more “low acuity” patients come back mixed with the rise of COIVD patients and will have a significant impact on the system.


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