SOTA Rocky Ridge W6/NC-268


***During the COVID crisis there are no permit requirements, for now. Per the EB watershed website.

After some pre-planning online in order to reach the summit in this part of the park you will need a $10 Trail Permit that you can get  here . The park dose allow dogs but not after a certain point, there is a gate you have to cross about 1mile in that requires the permit and no dogs. Getting into the park and parking is free.

Started from Bollinger Canyon Staging Trail, zero cells signal. Its a pretty straight forward trail to the summit, directly across from the commuicaitons complex they have at the top. I had 3g from sprint at the top but its really just talk and text only. Its about a Mile and a Half all uphill hike so be prepared. Maps are available on site. All 4 contacts made on 146.52 on 2m via a 5w Wouxun KG-UVD1P with a whip antenna.

Earlier it was recommended to buy a $30 J pole from Ham Radio outlet. I tested it here twice and both times the $10 whip antenna gave a much stronger signal so I ended up taking the j-pole back and bought a yagi, stand-by for more details.

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