W6/NC-378 Mt Wittenburg

For directions to the trail head via google maps just type in,

1 Bear Valley Visitor Center Access Road

Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

On your way in you will turn onto a road and pass what is called “the big red barn”. Go to the very end of the road where there is free parking and no admittance fee. There are 2 ways you could take but your essentially starting from either end of a big loop. Walk about .5mi till you see the first trail head on the right. I took Wittenburg peak trail since it sounds more straight forward. There really are no cross paths that we encountered until you get to the top where the trail branches off from the loop to take you to the summit. at this crossing seems to be the only small view of the coast.

I had 3g at the top and after many attempts was able to spot myself. I was also able to sent text. No dog allowed in this part of the park. If your into geocaching there is a virtual on the summit placed in 2002, all you need is the information on the marker.

Its about 5mi hike that took us 2 1/2 hours and thats with a 20-30min radio time at the top. 1,304 elevation gain as you hike.

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