W6/ NC-398 pt 1180 KK6ZLY activation


After a windey road along redwood rd, I followed K6EL’s instructions and started the hike at Rancho Laguna Park, where parking is free and dogs are allowed. You do however need a permit that you can get Here. This permit is $10, good for 1 year AND you can use to it access Rocky Ridge w6/ NC-268.

The summit is marked with an awesome concrete observation marker, I set up my yagi antenna on the other side of the hill for better line of sight. got 3g cell service in the parking lot, and cell service at the summit was sporadic. sometimes I would have full bars and other parts none, just gotta find that sweet spot. Its about a 1hr uphill hike for close to 2miles.

Was able to hit San Pablo and San Jose with a 5w HT on 2m FM with a 4 element yagi antenna. Farthest contact being 35mi. Made 9 contacts in about 1hr 30min. I could have left sooner, but i was havin too much fun. 73







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