#250 Geocaching finds

on 3/14/16 I found my 250 geocache. So far I have been geocaching for 233 days.

I discovered this hobby while posting in the ambulance at ST Rose hospital. I was swiping through app’s looking for something, or some type of game that would get me out of the ambulance (not too far) whenever we were just posting waiting for a call. I bought the app and low and behold there was geocache 500ft away from us. I read and reread the details. This was sopposto be an easy grab, 1.5/1.5 and everyone had a smiley. People kept referring it to a “Park an Grab” and “LPC” but didn’t know what those meant. I went back 3 different times to no avail. So we went to a different one at a park close by. There were muggles everywhere but i didn’t know any better. Later, right before the end of my shift, I told my partner what I was up to so we hit the GZ at st rose one last time. ah ha! I figured it out.boom

Geocaching has shown me some really cool places. As i already loved hiking this was just like adding steroids to it, and I was addicted. As hit the geocaches around my house I soon had a path tag in hand by CachetroValley and then I was super hooked. What better excuse did I have walking the dog, hiking and geocaching all at once!

Eventually I went to my first event. I drove somewhat far, Hayward to Silicon Valley. But i was determined to go to an event. I was nervous. Didn’t know what to expect. Just smile, spark up a conversation and try to get to know a few people. Soon enough I was volunteered the upcoming mega in quiet a few months. The next event I went to was for Leap day, I had panned to hit 2 events and a cito (Cache In Trash Out). But I was having so much fun enjoying stories, advice and conversations with my local geocachers I ended up staying for the whole event. Then the big one came. KCSearches event in Concord. My 2 other events were 10 people max. I wasn’t even going to go at first. So when I did show up, I wasn’t expecting 140+ geocachers! I had a blast and made some new friends.itainteasybeingcheezy

Jumping head first into the sport I’ve obtained quiet the arsenal. I switch off between 3 or 4 geocaching podcasts and a few HAM radio podcasts. If you know a little about both hobbies, its easy to see why i fell so hard for Summits on the Air. Back to the arsenal, my wife hates my stockpiled containers. My mom bought me all kinds of geocaching goodies for christmas. Lots of TB’s, official container, but most useful is the TOTT (Tools Of The Trade) kit, compete with tweezers, log roller, mirror, magnet and a pen. Most of which I’ve used. Some more then others but all have come in handy at some point. My grandparents bought me a solar powered backpack that can either charge my phone or external battery. It works wonderfully for those 8-9 hr hikes.gimmitheloot

As for the future of my geo-career. complete a challenge. Find more Puzzle caches. Attend more events. Hide a Beacon geocache. Get involved. but most of all, go on more adventures. Go out and Explore. But this is only 250 finds. I wonder what stories I will have at 500?

more to come…


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