One of the newest summits added to W6 region. This is the first activation of this summit.

Take Highway 1 to White House canyon rd. take this unpaved and bumpy but public off- road 1 1/2miles till you get to a sign that says “no public access”. There are places off to the side for about 8 to 10 cars to park. To the left is an unmarked but well maintained trail that will take you to chalk mountain.

No Signal along the trail, ok signal (sprint) at the summit.This trail is not on google maps. The secret trail starts with a steep uphill windy climb for almost a mile. When you get to the fork, keep left. Hiking along the ridgeline till you see another fork, still keep left. the next hill going up you see is your target.

Made 4 contacts in 3 hours on 2m with a 5watt ht and 4 element yagi antenna. I would suggest going on a weekend or using HF. Cell signal was ok to spot once but trouble spotting twice. Could make calls but test were sporadic.

No dogs allowed. no water. no esquarians or bikes (on starting trail). outhouse at the top (no tp). no park or parking fees that i know of. Beautiful hike with a magnificent view. I parked along the 1 on the other side of white house canyon rd. white house rd is rough and since i was already on a spare tire didn’t want to chance it. Doing this adds 1 1/2 miles to the hike. looking at the wide trails leading to the summit it looks like you could bike to it but I’m not sure what trail you would take.

The two busiest repeaters for me what i was able to hit were:

Santa Cruz: 146.835- PL 94.8

Felton/ SC Mtns: 147.180+ Pl 94.8

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