This was just about once of the last summits closest to me that I had no activated yet and truthfully was hesitant to for a little while. Due to no geocaches in the area i figured this summits was unattainable. But good things come to those who are curious.


Start at Bishop Ranch park, there is plenty of parking along Morgan drive. Take Gray Fox Trail twords the summit. At first you will be hit with some relatively steep incline but it gets less intense once you get over the initial steepest hill. On some of the online maps it seems to come to an end, but if you follow this trail all the way trough it’ll pop out at Sudbury Ct. Although this is a gated community, there were no signs for trespassing or what it was or was not public land. Once you hit Ashbourne cir hand a left and follow this road until you get to a street that backtrack to Cliffecastle Ct. This rd will take you to a dirt road that goes straight to the summit. The only hold up is a gate at the end of cliffecastle that has a sign that says “no more hunting for the rest of the year, for passes: see jeff”.  The park itself allows dogs but I wouldn’t due to unknown rules of the gated community.

Round Trip: 6.32 Miles  Hike time: 3-4 hrs

Cell Signal

Sporadic but was able to spot myself at the top but no chasers.

No Fees to speak of.


Wouxun HT with 5watts to a 4 element arrow yagi antenna

Made 11 contacts around 5-6pm on a thursday.  Everywhere from SF, Modesto, Forest Ranch, Martinez and Fremont.

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