FT8 SOTA Rocky Ridge w6/nc-268


At home I was able to install FLDIGI on my mac and connected it to the MCHF and made 1 contact on it. So I decided to try and take it out for a SOTA activation. It went ok. The timing clock was slightly off and I need to fix that. I also had a problem with custom messages. Any time I tried to send ‘CQ KK6ZLY SOTA’ it would only send ‘CQ KK6ZLY’. This happned time and time again. Eventually i was able to put CQ SOTA KK6ZLY. But im not sure of the operator on the other side is still able to click on my call sign. The program would also let me send ‘CQ KK6ZLY/SOTA’. Which i did for awhile and unknowingly this was spotting me in the program as a station in Poland. So I stopped.


I eventually switched to CW and got 8 contacts within the first 15min. Here is the audio from that. Just a few notes about my CW. I know i dont fully send the other stations call sign sometimes. I working on my CW and im not perfect at it. I record the entire QSO and  decode all the call signs when i get home. If i can send their entire all I will. I get a lot of anxiety when sending code. I know im crappy at it, but i am practicing every day. My biggest challenge is I am not able to get on the air with it often. But I have an app on my phone that lets me listen to the news in CW or listen to random call signs or even a practice QSO with it. Its a work in progress. Not included in this audio is the WU7H which was out S2S. That is a separate audio ill have to try and find.

All in all it was 11 contacts on CW in just 15min.


x2 Summit2summits:

WU7H who was on W7W/KG-124 Fuller Mountain (Washington)

N0DNF who was on W7I/SI-215 Howard Mountain (Idaho)



Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.22.23 PMIMG_9059 3IMG_7839IMG_1182 3

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