Im my second day of work out of 4 this week. The EMT class at Chabot has open back up so I’m working there as an instructor one day a week as well. yesterday we had two possible COVID patients, out of 4 transports. Today has been pretty much the same. The riots started on Friday. I have not been there, but I have many friends who have. It looks like they will continue on throughout tonight. Who knows about the coming weeks. At first the riots were centered around the usual places like LA, NY, Oakland and San Jose. But there was some looting at Southland Mall last night, and more protesting on the streets of Hayward today.

Someone posted on Facebook that riots would go through some of the richer neighborhoods. But who knows if this is true. I called my mom and texted my friends to make sure everyone is prepared and have what they need. I can’t say I’m too surprised that in the middle of a pandemic, economic collapse, and the feds printing money, we would now have riots.

On the COVID side of things, Alameda county is about to surpass Santa Clara in number of Covid cases. We passed 100,000 a couple days ago.

On the economic side, unemployment is at 25%. The stock market seems to be on a downward trend, not that it’s a good predictor.

On a more exciting note, we sent to astronauts into space for the first time with a commercial rocket. It’s the first time to American astronauts have been sent to space from US soil in 10 years. To follow that I successfully made an amateur satellite contact. Next, I hope to work the ISS


Also, there was a job posting for volunteer fire fighter one hour away from me, so I put my application in. It’s not an ALS department, but I really want the experience.

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