After I typed my post yesterday, we ran a planned home childbirth, that didnt go as planned. We were the second crew in and we took mom while the first crew took baby. Mom was find, plugged a line and gave her some fluids.

Today, at our normal post at Marina and Teagarden all the shops were hit by protesters. There was a cop kicking everyone out of the parking lot and said all stores are closed and to leave. So we did. We went to the next parking lot over at the sports complex. Next thing we now there sirens behind us with guns drawn and 3 kids getting arrested for setting a car on fire down the street.

Inside greenhouse Safeway.
Safeway at the greenhouse. Note can only enter through the right side.
7-11 at Hesperian an Lewelling.
Wal mart on Hesperian.
Possible riots over by mom. Guy was shot by PD at the CVS next to moms house last night.

Ran a couple possible COVID breather calls.

Ran a GSW in Oakland. Someone knocked on their door and shot the guy in his face. Still breathing at 8 breaths/min and still had a good strong pulse with a GCS of 3. Took him code 3 to Highland. The non- rebreather got stuck on something the the elastic got pulled back and snapped sending blood flying everywhere. My whole uniform covered in blood.

Came home and exchanged gifts with the wife for our 1 year wedding anniversary. Then took a shower to wash the rest of the blood off of me. Our favorite restaurant Urban Plates closed at 330 due to the riots so we ended up getting Indian food, which was still pretty good.

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