Possible COVID?

Yesterday I went swimming in Foster City for 1hr an 18min. Just pure freestyle swimming for almost 2 miles. I guess they dye the water to give it a color and theres is a lot of duck poo everywhere. During my swim I certainly inhaled at least 2 mouthfuls of water. Yuck!

When I came back to dry land, I had a slight cough pretty much the rest of the day. Didn’t think much of it. Later in the afternoon, my muscles felt really sore. But i had not swam like that in while so i figured it was just muscle fatigue. Lastly, im finding my sense of taste fading away. Not 100%. But theres a notable difference.

Today when I woke up everything hurt. My muscles were more of an ache and not really sore. I still had the dry cough when I woke up. The kicker was when I checked my temp in the early morning and it was 99.6F oral. Later it would be 100.6. Online in order to get a COVID test you need to call their advice line. So i did. The advice line lady said you need an appointment with the doc first and then he can order you a script to get tested. She said “I can get you an appointment for Tuesday at 3PM”. I said no, thats way too far out, both me and my wife work in healthcare. I would like to know if im COVID positive as soon as possible. So the doc calls me at 11am today. Basically ordered me to self quarantine and to quarantine myself from my wife. Doc said he could schedule me for test on Thursday at 4pm. I said THURSDAY?! Is there anyway I can get tested tomorrow (Monday)? He said no, they typically have to bla bla bla bla bla.

So im going to Cal State East Bay tomorrow at 9am for their free COVID testing site. I have work and everything squared away. My head is still banging even though I already took ibuprofen and it pretty much hurts to move anything.

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