Possible COVID day 2

Since Kaiser won’t test me until Thursday, I tried to go and get tested yesterday at Cal State East Bay. They have a free COIVD testing center. I got there right when they opened at 9AM. Huge mistake. The line of cars went all the day down this steep hill (Carlos Bee) and wrapped around to a very busy street (Mission). The entire process was torture. The line of cars moved about 1 car length every 10 minutes. It was a legit crawl. I did not take any medication that morning because I was afraid they would not test me if I was not symptomatic. So were on a steep hill, directly in the sun, barely moving for about 3 1/2 hours. I didn’t even make it through the front entrance. I was about 25 cars away when I could see the entrance, and could see that the line still wrapped inside the college and came back out. Who knows how long the line actually was. I then remembered I have a friend to dose free COVID testing in SF and asked if he should get me in. She said yes and will test me tomorrow. With that phone call I went home. Through the whole endeavor I felt like absolute crap. I had the worst headache I have ever felt in my life. When I got home I moved slowly into the house and was actually a little dizzy walking up the stairs. When I got inside the house my temp was 102.3. I took 4 ibuprofen and some dayquil and curled up in bed. I did nothing for about and hour while the meds kicked it. Couldn’t even sleep. When i could finally text people, I told my cousin who in turn told the grandparents about my symptoms. Since I had gone hiking with them 4-5 days ago. I called my mom too. She was not happy and really wanted to bring me food or something. I said no. I hate bothering people. Once the meds kicked in I felt like I could at least function a little bit. I took a shower and was even able to do a little laundry and fold cloths. My friend and old partner on the ambulance called to tell me that i didn’t have to wait in line. That I could have gone to the front where there is a separate line for healthcare providers. Oh well.

That night was the worst sleep I ever had. I drank night time Theraflu right before bed. That shit usually knocks me out. But nope. I woke up every hour. I feel like I was chocking on my own mucous. Its the crappiest feeling being so tired from the meds and yet cant sleep because your chocking. I finally got out of bed around 4am. I knew I was waking up my wife every time I coughed, sneezed or hacked. I tried to work some FT8 on the Ham Radio but maybe I wasn’t getting out. I laid on the couch for another few hours and now its time to drive to SF for my test. I dont know why im getting tested. Im fairly sure I have it anyway. People should stop saying “its just the flu”. This is not like the flu at all. Today my symptoms were: Dry cough, clear/ white sputum, loss of 90% taste, headache and fever (102.3 off of meds and 99.8 with ibuprofen/ dayquil). Nausea when I dont eat, and its hard to eat a whole meal. Still have a bit of body ache but not as bad as day 1, esp when on meds.

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