Possible COIVD Day 3

I finally got tested this morning. There was no traffic going into San Francisco this morning around 7:30am. Which is usually prime time traffic. I got to CCSF around 8am. Walked in to see my friend Liv. I read her my patient ID, she handed me paperwork and I went onto the next station where another nurse swabbed me. They were all gowned up with N95, hair nets and facemask. She instructed me to take off my mask only uncovering my nose and to keep my mouth covered. She swabbed nostrils, scratched the back of my brain a couple times and that was it. I think I was inside maybe a whole 60 seconds. Now we wait 2-3 days to get my test back.

Today was too bad of a symptom day. I stayed on top of my meds every 6 hours with 4 ibuprofen, Dayquil and musinex. I didn’t feel great but certainly manageable. I called CQ in morse code on the Ham Radio. I would say no one got back to me but thats not true. My mother called me on the phone. She asked where i was. I said im home, why? she said I just got a notification on my phone from the ham app thingy that you are somewhere. I laughed and explained to her what that was. I really want her to work someone on 10 meter voice soon. If I could get her on digital modes that would be cool, although i dont know if she would find that exciting. Tomorrow I will really have no reason to leave the house. I almost went crazy today. Ill most likely spend more time on Ham Radio to keep myself sane. I could always brush up on my CW (morse code). The wife made edemame noodles with mushrooms. She let me pick the movie tonight. I picked contagion. Honestly its not as good as it thought it would be. The music in it is so early 2000’s. Hopefully with this Musinex I can sleep tonight.

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