Confirmed COVID Day 1?

With the wife on quarantine with me, we have been cleaning all day long. This morning she had me all Kaiser and ask for my results. They gave me the usual run around I was expecting, but at least they replied.

Around 3:30pm I checked as I have been periodically every day and I had an update on my testing. My COVID-19 test came back positive. I am COIVD positive. This set on a chain reaction of shit I needed to do. First text my mom. Then text everyone else. Then send an email to work. People were calling to speak with me. Then worked called to confirmed all my dates. They said I get paid for 2 weeks and I get all my PTO and sick time back. I got tested exactly 1 week ago. I finally got my results back. I think its less of a shock because I pretty much knew I had it. Which means my wife dose too.

My symptoms went too bad today. Im still coughing and I cant take a deep breath. My throat still has some sore in the back that docent feel good but not nearly as painful as before. Haley said she has chest pain when she takes a deep breath and she definitely has a cough. But she’s fine other than that. All day yesterday she deep cleaned the carpets and all day today she deep cleaned her car. I felt like we pretty much spent all day today just cleaning.Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 3.29.06 PM


In other news we got to eat the spaghetti squash that I have been growing in the garden. I also had a couple sweet potato that were sprouting and the wife wanted thrown out. So naturally I put it in a 5 gallon bucket and filled it with water. The birds pretty much picked my sunflowers clean.


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