Possible COVID day ???

Its hard to write when im sick, but I do try. The last 3-4 days have been largely unchanged. No fever or body aches. But an insane amount of pain in my throat that makes it hard to eat anything. Im already on the full regiment of 4 ibuprofen sometimes with Dayquil, sometimes with Tylenol with Codeine. I try not to take the Codeine as much as possible becuase it won’t take 100% of the pain away and it sometimes make me feel even more like crap. Not as much as Norco’s do, but still. I tried everything for my throat. Gargling salt water, drinking tea and being on time with the pain meds. My mom even brought over a humidifier last night around 9:50pm because I had just read online that it might help. I know she’s worried.

Last night i noticed something in my upper airway was more swollen than normal. When I tried to sleep, my airway would occlude itself and I would wake up. This happened over and over and finally I had enough and went to the Kaiser San Leandro ER. I was in and out in record time. I was there for maybe an hour. Although I still have not gotten my test results back, the doc thinks I got strep throat after COVID. She sent me home with steroids and antibiotics tried to give me a “stronger ibuprofen.” I told her im already taking the max dose at home. When I got home I took the meds and the pain never really went away. The swelling was marginally better, at least enough to sleep for a little bit.

So far I am waiting on COVID test results from SF and Kaiser. I took the on in SF on Tuesday and I got a text from them saying the lab is delayed and could take 6 days to get my results.

As with Kaiser, when I called on Sunday they refused to give me a test until Thursday. I asked if it was the expedited test. The doc says “yes, you will have your results in 24hrs”. Bullshit. Were going on day 3 today. Even the doc at the ER didn’t know what the hold up was. But even she said its “highly likely” you have COVID.

My symptoms today are a little better. Still have pain but not nearly as bad and ive only taken ibuprofen. I still have a dry cough and certainly and increased amount of phlegm today. I dont have shortness of breath, but it is hard to take a deep breath.

My wife got us reservations for Yosemite on Monday. But im still technically quarantined with no test results. She hasn’t found anyone to take my spot so she will go alone. It makes me really really sad i cant go with her and spend the day together. But we have reservations in August too, so we will go then.

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