COVID Positive day 18 (last day)

I am officially clear of all my symptoms.. for the most part. I still have a residual cough here and there but nothing crazy. Today I was able to smell my dogs bad breath and a shirt from the clean laundry that had sat in the wash a little too long. I am able to take a deep breath and even able to get a workout in.

Haley is having an OK time. Yesterday she woke up with a fever. But today has been much better. She didn’t get too hot last night and not at all this morning. I hope its safe to say he fever finally broke. She still coughs pretty often, but it has improved. She even got her home workout in today. As I type this now, she is on the couch watching tic toc videos. I cannot express to you how obnoxious I find tic toc to be.

I have been cleared to work and have been put back on my shifts starting tomorrow. Im pretty excited to get back to work. I had to call Kaiser because my doctor wasn’t replying to my email about needing medical clearance in order to get back to work. All of this was done though email and I dont think I ever talked to him on the phone. I did talk to several doctors thought this process. There were at least 2 who called me to talk about me symptoms and how I was doing.

I posted on my union facebook page about my whole process and all that I went though. It was not smooth to say the least. But I do hope this means it will improve the process from someone later. I feel like it was well received by my co- workers although I dont think anyone from the actual union commented.

I would like to point out that I do not need another test in order to return to work. On the COVID SURVIVORS facebook page, a number of them were talking about needed to get retested in order to return to work. Not only do I think this is wrong but its also counterproductive. Being positive for COVID and being contagious are not the same thing. The CDC states after 10 days and 72 hours with no fever without medications and you should not be contagious anymore. I honestly think people are retesting themselves out of curiosity without following the science behind it. Dont get me started on the recent conspiracy theories popping up these past few days. Unfortunately Americans have sensationalized conspiracy theories and have taken these theories as fact. To the point of spreading misinformation as far as they can. And when they are silenced or challenged everyone else are either Marxist or sheeple and they are the ‘free thinkers’. Its embarrassing. I think this winter is going to be very very interesting.

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