Mt Allison W6/ NC-180


Start from Tularcito Trail, Milpitas, CA 95035 there is a $10 charge to enter the park, you pay at a kiosk that you drive up to that takes cash and card. Dogs are allowed. The trail is closed to bikes and esquarians after it has just rained. Full sprint cell service from parking lot.

CAUTION: this is rigorous 10.09mi with a 4.2mi ASCENT that took me 4hr and 23min that includes a the 45min of radio chatter at the top and a bit of geocaching. 3g cell service on sprint call and text only. The trail was relatively straight forward with little backtracking. Beware the Bovine on the road. was able to hit Los Gatos, Belmont and Menlo Park from my 5w Wouxun HT, all 6 contacts made on 2m.




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