8:15am- Theres so much to cover over the past 2 days. Its been so busy I haven’t been able to sit down and type. Saturday was ok. Still busy. I think we ran 4 or 5 calls both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a little rough. I feel like my partner got coughed on one […]

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02:30PM-  Ive started keeping a journal on here to document the Pandemic from an EMS point of view. There are 7 other entries prior to this but i dont feel comfortable sharing them yet. For now some of these will be public and some will not. Yesterday we had a code. The call was for […]

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7/19/19 Mt Saint Helena

Its been awhile since my last writing. I want to make an effort to do it more often. After every hiking, every activation, there are so many lessons learned. I really need to start #1 actually learning from said lessons and #1 writing them down so I don’t forget them. 2 years ago Hannah and […]

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  Template from KE6MT’s post. Most info is still relevant aside from one small change. https://www.ke6mt.us/2017/07/w6nc-174-wasno-ridge-kff-1161-henry-coe-state-park/ Activation Date: 29 June 2018 Transport: Hike/Bike Distance: 7 miles Elev. gain: 2000ft Time: 5 hours (4hrs hike/bike, 1hr op) Rig(s): IC-706MK2g Band(s): 20m CW Antenna(s): End-fed 29′ Random Wire (Packtenna Mini) Cell Service: No (Sprint)       […]

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SOTA summit: Loma Alta W6/NC-350 Activation Date: November 28, 2016 Distance: approx 4.5mi round trip.    Time: 1Hr 45min   Elevation gain: 1,188ft Portable operation: Yes Radio: IC-706MK2G Antenna: Packtenna Mini 29′  Bands used: 20m and 40m Furthest QSO: ~2,643mi with N1GB Hike in: Yes  Solo operation: Yes Recommend: Absolutely Sprint Coverage: Excellent, LTE full bars.         Parking: Limited, side road dirt parking.  Dogs: Yes                […]

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W6/NC-378 Mt Wittenburg

For directions to the trail head via google maps just type in, 1 Bear Valley Visitor Center Access Road Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 On your way in you will turn onto a road and pass what is called “the big red barn”. Go to the very end of the road where there is free […]

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W6/NC-496 Burra Burra

Hard way I parked at Bell Station Farmers Market (14962-16080 Pacheco Pass Hwy, Hollister, CA 95023) and Bike/ Hiked 7 1/2 miles (15mi total) to the Dowdy Ranch visitors center and then onto a short trail not far from there that takes you right to the peak. It took me about 2 hours to hike/bike […]

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This was just about once of the last summits closest to me that I had no activated yet and truthfully was hesitant to for a little while. Due to no geocaches in the area i figured this summits was unattainable. But good things come to those who are curious. Route Start at Bishop Ranch park, […]

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W6/NC-323 Black Point KK6ZLY

Parked at Mitchell Canyon visitor center 96 Mitchell Canyon Rd, Clayton, CA 94517   Not sure if you have to pay for parking during the weekend. This was the only location with water and restrooms on the trail so fill up. No cell service in parking lot. Decided to take the clockwise route around to […]

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One of the newest summits added to W6 region. This is the first activation of this summit. Take Highway 1 to White House canyon rd. take this unpaved and bumpy but public off- road 1 1/2miles till you get to a sign that says “no public access”. There are places off to the side for […]

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