After I typed my post yesterday, we ran a planned home childbirth, that didnt go as planned. We were the second crew in and we took mom while the first crew took baby. Mom was find, plugged a line and gave her some fluids. Today, at our normal post at Marina and Teagarden all the […]

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Im my second day of work out of 4 this week. The EMT class at Chabot has open back up so I’m working there as an instructor one day a week as well. yesterday we had two possible COVID patients, out of 4 transports. Today has been pretty much the same. The riots started on […]

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Turning point

Today was busy. 6 calls. Cmed was non-stop. The people want the county reopened. I have seen birthday partys and gatherings with no one wearing any type of masks. COVID will spread like wildfire. The political climate will further divide until its boiling point. In my area, there has been a sharp increase in gun […]

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Shifts 4/18- 4/21 Average 4 to 5 calls. Heard multiple codes dropping but we didn’t get any of them. I think it was Tuesday we were detailed to the Radission and Comfort inn. Comfort being COIVD hotel for homeless. We were tasked by the county MD to get a census update on how many people […]

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1:30pm- Im at the tail end of my 3 day tour this week. The first day we had a code on a 44yo dude who didn’t make it. Asystole pretty much the whole time. A few possible COVIDS that day. Yesterday was relatively uneventful. Accept yesterday we were dispatched code 2 for cardiac arrest because […]

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09:30am- Should have written his while ago, just now had the time to sit down and give an update. My last tour was pretty busy. 4-5 calls per shift. Not all of them critical. But at least 1 COVID patient per shift. Sometimes more. Gateway Nursing home in Hayward had an outbreak. I remember taking […]

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8:15am- Theres so much to cover over the past 2 days. Its been so busy I haven’t been able to sit down and type. Saturday was ok. Still busy. I think we ran 4 or 5 calls both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a little rough. I feel like my partner got coughed on one […]

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02:30PM-  Ive started keeping a journal on here to document the Pandemic from an EMS point of view. There are 7 other entries prior to this but i dont feel comfortable sharing them yet. For now some of these will be public and some will not. Yesterday we had a code. The call was for […]

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