#250 Geocaching finds

on 3/14/16 I found my 250 geocache. So far I have been geocaching for 233 days. I discovered this hobby while posting in the ambulance at ST Rose hospital. I was swiping through app’s looking for something, or some type of game that would get me out of the ambulance (not too far) whenever we […]

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Mt Allison W6/ NC-180

2/2/16 Start from Tularcito Trail, Milpitas, CA 95035 there is a $10 charge to enter the park, you pay at a kiosk that you drive up to that takes cash and card. Dogs are allowed. The trail is closed to bikes and esquarians after it has just rained. Full sprint cell service from parking lot. CAUTION: […]

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SOTA Rocky Ridge W6/NC-268

2/11/16 ***During the COVID crisis there are no permit requirements, for now. Per the EB watershed website. After some pre-planning online in order to reach the summit in this part of the park you will need a $10 Trail Permit that you can get  here . The park dose allow dogs but not after a certain […]

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2/8/16 It was about 70 degrees, clear blue skys and great cell reception. Hike was not too bad. after reading some of the other blogs they were spot on, only a 2.1 mile hike all together. The hill starts off pretty steep then calms down after that. Was able to reach SF from this summit. […]

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